Free hypnotherapy for the NHS and key worker heroes during the coronavirus

Free hypnotherapy for the NHS and key worker heroes during the coronavirus

I am providing FREE hypnotherapy sessions to all NHS, care workers and key workers to help with stress, anxiety and trauma during the coronavirus pandemic.

Never in our life time have we ever experienced what we are experiencing today. It seems the whole world is on lockdown, world leaders are in unison by describing the coronavirus threat as a world war against an invisible enemy. But strangely, amongst the devastation, uncertainty, and isolation we have found; community, our beautiful wildlife is thriving, we have been give the gift to reflect and reset and we gave truly found the true meaning of gratitude. Gratitude for our friends and families, gratitude for the small businesses who are bringing us local produce when we are unable to get to the supermarkets, gratitude for all of the things we used to take for granted; spending time with friends and families, restaurants, country pubs, hiking in the mountains, holidays. I honestly don’t think we will take anything for granted again.

For me one of the prominent learnings I have taken from this pandemic is all of those people society held in the highest regard, celebrities, sports personalities, musicians. They are just like us, not better, no worse. The real heroes are the people who have put themselves on the frontline every day to look after our loved ones, despite the danger they are putting themselves in, these are our NHS workers, and care workers, our real life super heroes. Also our shop workers, transport staff, refuge collectors, postmen, gas engineers, all of the key workers who are enabling access to our basic needs. The NHS, care workers and key workers are the real heroes and I really hope this will be remembered for many years to come.

So if you are one of our heroes, an NHS worker, care worker of key worker who is struggling with worry, fear, exhaustion, insomnia, or anything that is worrying you, I want to help you, so you can help us by offering you FREE hypnotherapy sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out how I can help,